Secure Web-hotel’s

securewebhotelHere you will find information on where to find secure web-hotel’s in different countries.

To have a secure web hosting is a extremely important factor that really sets the foundation of security on the web. There are a lot of different web-hotel’s in the world. We will list you the providers that will give you the best ones. What the best web-hotel is up to you to decide.

webhotel-swedenList of Sweden’s best web-hotel’s: jämfö

Sweden has always been in the forefront when it comes to hosting.

We will soon provide you with more links to service providers for hosting.

The need for good providers had never been greater. People don’t seem to get enough of building web applications, blogs and different site that up-fill random needs. When you choose your hosting provider you should think of different thing. One thing you should take in consideration is if the hosting provider have support for open SSL and has support for the latest IDN standard.

Today there are some hosting companies that don’t use good IP-addresses and instead use IP-addresses that are hosted together with tons of sites. this so called web hotels don’t give you the safe and secure environment that your site deserves.

we at sitewatch always try to follow the same codex as google. Don’t do evil. We all need to help each other to make the web a safe place and look after each others sites. If you see a bug on some ones site please send us and email so we can help the site owner.

If you are thinking of getting free hosting you should think again. Free hosting is never free. You will always trade with something. I can be your privacy or your visitors privacy. Try to be fair towards everybody. Thank you.