Secure Live Casino

A note on live casino options for Swedish players

Since the passing of SITS, Swedish players have had their work cut out for them finding online gambling sites accepting their Secure payments. Many of the larger Live casino operators, those with a significant terrestrial presence or stock exchange listing and/or EU region license have pulled out of the of the Swedish market until such time as the legal position is clearer, or a licensing regime is introduced.


The list of Live Casinos offering live dealer games is dominated by these larger operators…probably due to the large investment and higher marginal cost of offering this service to customers. – all heavyweights in the gambling/online gambling world, and all currently adopting a no-US player policy.

As a consequence, finding a live casino accepting Swedish customers is not easy…simply because there are not many of them. Although this may change in the future with developments on Malta and other contries choosing to legalize live casino games in the wake of the 2017.